shampo hair to go out?

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shampo hair to go out?

Post by SisterinChrist on Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:45 am

i was in this place, (dont know where) but it had different rooms like bathrooms to shower... i was planning to go out

i look into a mirror, hair looks fine looks pretty nice, clean not greasy..dont look like i need to wash my hair again to go out. However, u know when u wake up from sleeping u smetimes have this little dent or bend of hair on the back of head, i had that, but was like do i really need to shower for that? i can just cover it up with my hair & fix it .

My old best frnd(we r no longr frnds) was there, christine, i ask her what she thought? should i was hair? (dont recall she responded) Then i see she takes her purse, its the 'GUESS' brand name purse, very large, not nomral size, its big..
we get ready to go out..
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