Hello from the Light Keeper

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Hello from the Light Keeper

Post by thelightkeeper7 on Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:10 pm

Hoping all is doing well on this wonderful day. May God of Glory bless and keep you all according to His will.

I have known of this site for a few years now but just now decided to join it. I am hoping to find a place for myself to do the Lord's work as He bids me to do. I don't tolerate any type of cursing, swearing or belittlement, however, I am all about being straight, honest, compassionate and speaking as the Lord leads for me to do.

I hope to make some lasting friendships and maybe even become close friends with some very anointed people of God.

I do pray about everything and I encourage everyone to do the same....Blessings woo hoo

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