frnd(same as in ugly frnd drm) picks me to be the special one for wedding prep's

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frnd(same as in ugly frnd drm) picks me to be the special one for wedding prep's

Post by SisterinChrist on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:36 am

had this drm, was w/same friend as the ugly dream - i thnk thy R connected?
my frnd is getting married, she is wearing a white sari(traditional garb). My Aunt(non blvr IRL,not nice lady) wants to be the 'special person" that does everything (like a brides maid). She puts a white, pearl necklace to signify that she is the special one. However, my frnd wants me, so she takes this other white necklace that she has (not sure if pearl or white marble). She puts it on me, but does this special sybmol with MY hands and HER hands in the necklace to signify she chose me to be the 1 to hlp her.

1st thing we are suppose to do(supposed tradition) is to find what is hidden in sofa. I help her. we look in sofa, i look up on a wall R these keys, i say "is this it", she says nope its not. Then i see a Lock & Keys, she says nope not it either.

we walk away, she is disappointed things aren't working out for her wedding plans. I feel bad, i put my arms around her shoulders and say "im sorry im new at these traditions"( i think i meant religion b/c i am Christian & we dont have these traditions before marriage).

(IRL she is christian, i dont think in drm she is suppose to be christian).
She finaly understands - like makes a sigh & says " ah i get it". She doesnt feel so bad anymore about it being perfect for her (b/c she realizes these aren't my custom's so i wouldnt be great @ it anyway.

the 2nd thing im suppose to do is prepare fruits for tomorrow's event. So i am in a room, have lots of fruits in a bowl sitting on floor & i realize it wont be fresh if i cut fruits today. my Friend yells out from other room "Do you need my help on this one?" i say " no im just washing & wiping fruits for tomorrow, will be more fresh to cut tmorrw.
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