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Specific Dreams Help

Post by mostertelsa on Wed Dec 17, 2008 6:03 am

I discovered your site on the internet and see that you help Christians with interpreting their dreams. I know next to nothing about interpreting my dreams and visions and would truly appreciate your help very much.
Over the past year I have had many dreams about babies. In 2005 I also had a related dream. I will describe to you what I remember and see if you could help me in any way.

1) In 2005 I was praying alot about a certain young man, whether he was my future husband or not. I had a vision of me standing with my hands in the air praising God, I was pregnant and the specific guy had his hands on my tummy and was praying. It seemed to be an emotional incident for both of us.

It is now three years later and we have been dating since the end of 2005 with the hope of getting married soon.

2) This year I dreamed that me and my boyfriend, Scholtz, had a baby. I am currently in my second year of Bible School, and we are not married yet. What was peculiar about the dream is that I celebrated with my friends at Bible School that I was pregnant, but we were not yet married in the dream. I have to mention here that I am not sexually active and thus is was quite weird to me. In the dream I had not seen my baby immediately after he was born. When I got home I went to the room where the baby was and looked in the cot. I was shocked to see that there were now two boys, they were twins. Then I saw that their heads were attached in the front. I was shocked. I stepped forward and touched their heads with both my hands and seperated the heads. My boyfriend walked in and I saw that he had a mark on his forehead. The same mark was also on the heads of the boys I had seperated. I then said to him in the dream, "Look, they have the same mark that you have."

My thoughts about this dream: Scholtz (the man I am planning to marry) was born with a waterhead and he is also has a twin brother. I though that I might have fears about my children being born with a defect.

3) Last week I had a dream that I was pregnant again. I was at the hospital, going to the loo, when my water broke. I must mention that this dream was SO real. I could feel and smell everythingclearly as if it was truly happening. After my water broke I went into my hospital room and told them. My mother was there. They put me in the bed and immediately I felt the baby coming. My mother was standing ready to catch the baby when she exclaimed, "Oh no! It's a miscarriage!" I felt something huge coming out of me, it was a big ball of blood. After this the weirdest thing happened. Miniature, really really tiny, babies started streaming out of me. It was so disgusting! The babies looked like aliens, because they were not properly developed. Their eyes were like chinese and black. Hundreds of these tiny babies came out. Then my mother informed me that bigger babies were coming out of me. A size bigger but still not the size of a properly developed baby. The amount of these babies were less than the tiny ones. After this my mother informed me that the REAL baby, the fully developed healthy sized one had died, because of these other babies. The other small babies had caused the healthy baby's death. After this the docter's did a scrape on me and I kept telling my friends how sad I am. I said that I went through all this pain at least expecting to have a beautiful healthy baby in the end, but now I have nothing to show for all the pain I have endured.

4) Last night, or actually early this morning, I had my last dream about a baby. I arrived at a house which seemed to be the house I grew up in as a child. I came in through a sliding gate while my dad was working in the garden. I asked where my mother was, and he said, "She left you the baby." Suddenly I had a beautiful baby in my hands. My mother had adopted this child from the orphanage. As I was holding this beautiful baby I saw that no one was taking care of it. It's nappy was overflowing with green poo. I was disgusted and went immediately to clean the baby. While I was cleaning it I saw that the baby was a boy. In my dream I really loved this baby and nurtured it. Time past and as I went to pick up the baby, suddenly in my arms it became the size of a doll and it seemed to be dead. However it was still breathing. I rubbed the baby in my hands. Then there was something like a pop-up in my dream, where someone taught me (in the form of a mini game) how to fix the babies hormones. Im thinking "HUH?" I fixed the hormones and that's when the baby became a teenager, but still the size of a doll. The baby also changed into a girl with brown hear. I fixed another hormone and she became a young lady with lovely black hair.

I am bothered by the recurring theme of children, and especially the disfunction included. Please help me figure out if God is speaking to me.
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Re: Specific Dreams Help

Post by Jodi on Sat Jan 17, 2009 10:12 pm

Sometimes babies represent ministries. The part about a lot of little babies causing the main baby to die - are there numerous little ministries which are not really your main calling that you are doing and they are draining you of the energy you need to give to the ministry that is your main calling? Pray to ask the Lord. I hope this helps.

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