my daughters dream of 4 headed snake

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my daughters dream of 4 headed snake Empty my daughters dream of 4 headed snake

Post by vlfshaw on Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:23 am

I'm looking for more of a confirmation on a dream my daughter had.

I am not new to having dreams. God starting communicating to me through dreams when I was about 7 yrs old. Although I never really knew what the exact meaning was I always knew there was something to them. Over the years I've had many dreams still not knowing the interpretations. It has not been until recently that I've been able to understand some of my recent dreams.

I would like to share a dream before I tell you my daughters dream. When my husband and I got married he had been divorced for about a year and had 4 children from his previous marriage. I was okay with the children because I never really wanted to have children of my own. On occasions my husband would ask me if I would want a baby and I repeatedly said no. We were in the process of moving from Alaska to Georgia and going through some tough times with his ex and custody issues, but before we left Alaska I had a dream of my husband and I walking through the back door of our house. Once we got outside we saw nothing but a field with beautiful green grass and an old wooden fence that you couldn't see what was behind it. It had a gate and my husband and I were holding hands, opened the gate together and behind this fence was beautiful red polished stones. I had the feeling the were valuable and they went as far as the eye could see and as deep as they could go. When I woke up I felt this meant our move must be a positive thing and something good was going to come out of it. Well, we had many, many trials still once we moved. I kept remembering the dream and kept waiting for that something good to happen. Then I found out I was pregnant. Still didn't register about the beautiful stones. We had a girl born in July 2007. When she was 3yrs old my husband asked me if I remembered the dream about the red stones. Of course, I hadn't forgotten. Then he mentions to me that her birthstone is the ruby...a red stone. She's the best thing that ever happend to me.

My daughter is almost 5 now. We've been talking a lot about dreams. This summer we have her half brother visiting with us and it's caused some friction. We've had some trouble with him in the past so I always keep my guard up when he's around. Last night she told me she didn't want to go to sleep because she was afraid she would have another bad dream. So I asked her what her dream was. She said she and her half brother were in a room with the door closed. Something kept trying to get in through the door and when they opened it it was a snake with four heads all having different colors. She did say one had an orange head and one was red. They tried to push some of the heads out the door but they kept coming back through.

Now, I'm no pro by any means on interpreting dreams but I have an idea on this one. I would love another opinion or any advise.

Thank you for letting me share all this.
Blessings to you....Vickie Shaw

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my daughters dream of 4 headed snake Empty Re: my daughters dream of 4 headed snake

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:40 am

Greetings and welcome to the site!

Before I comment on your dream, I want to preface what I say by letting you know that it is presented as only my thoughts, and not necessarily a Holy Spirit interpretation. It's something to consider, and I ask that you toss it if it doesn't bear witness with you.

Snakes, in dream, can often symbolize a threat. Snakes may also be literal, although this is not the case with your daughter's dream. Being symbolic for a threat, the threat itself may be real or perceived - a "false-threat" aka a lie.

My thoughts were that this threat or perception of such relates to the other four siblings. It isn't clear from the dream just what the threat is, only what it may be related to. It could be something she's feeling about the others, or just about her relationship with them.

I want to point something out, however, that you may have seen as well: In the dream, both your daughter and her half brother fought to keep this beast out of the room. You mentioned that you've had some trouble in the past with this one, and it's very possible he's struggled/is struggling with the same threat (or perception of one) in his relationship with his four siblings. I truly think that his presence in the dream is important, to show a similar struggle. Otherwise, she would have fought the snake alone in the dream.

Again, I'm not suggesting a Holy Spirit interpretation, here. Please disregard what you do not find to fit.


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my daughters dream of 4 headed snake Empty Re: my daughters dream of 4 headed snake

Post by dd on Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:19 pm

Hi Vickie,

I'm no pro in interpreting dreams and God started to talk to me through dreams only a year ago. Since then I've been studying this topic.

These are my two cents about it:
One thing that I've learned about having bad dreams in general (from my own experiences, from what pastor preached and from I read about it in Perry Stone's book "How to interpret dreams and visions") is that when we have guests or when we travel and sleep at people's places and in hotels and we have these people in our house or we are sleeping in same house with other people and we have people next door in hotels - sometimes they have opened doors for evil spirits or engage in sinful activities and bring these spirits with them and they don't sleep when the person sleeps. Also, demons fire darts at believers when they're sleeping. So in order to make sure that the dream is not an attack from the devil and demons, make sure you pray and turn on the word of God on CD or a worship CD when you leave house with family to "cleanse the place". And pray for the little man ;) (I'm sure you do it already.)

This is just my opinion. ;)

God bless!

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my daughters dream of 4 headed snake Empty Re: my daughters dream of 4 headed snake

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