famous ppl and trees

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famous ppl and trees

Post by globalhealth4 on Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:38 am

3 dreams in 1.

pt. 1 I was riding in a red convertible with 4 HIGH profile deceased people. I recognized 2 of them. Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. They both were dressed in one of their most memorable stage outfits. They were sitting quietly in the back seat and the two in the front I could not see their faces. We pulled up to a gated home and I was switched into a nother part f the dream.

pt. 2 I was getting some kids ready for a talent show hosted by some shady men. in the dream, these men did this annual talent show in order to give back for their shadey activity.

pt. 3 A girl comes in shooting people with a bow and arrow and told me to get up and walk out but not to run. I backed out to the back door and ran up to a tree. extremely similar to a Bonsai tree without leaves. as I began to climb it, i said this tree is super strong and these branch's seem like roots that should be underground. I climbed it anyway knowing that once I get over the fence Im safe.

I woke up! nerd

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