A direct instruction with numbers 14 and 19 as symbols.

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A direct instruction with numbers 14 and 19 as symbols.

Post by dd on Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:14 am

So I had a dream last night which I believe is connected to this one: http://miasherwood.forumotion.net/t17199-alligators-eating-fishes

Anyways, the event where I'm planning to kill the serpent/alligator from the above dream is approaching and takes place in less then two weeks. I'll need to present one thing at the event and I have three. I've been puzzled about which one to choose.

In last night's dream I was wandering around the venue and feeling a great distress about the presentation. I've chosen one thing and I constantly was messing it up while going through it in my mind. Suddenly I remembered I could take the other one. As I settled on the other choice, I felt an instant peace. I wanted to know which number is now on and a voice said: "14". The voice said also that my number is 19. The dream all together was accompanied with very realistic feelings. Then I woke up.

All right, my version is that I've been directly instructed what to pick and that the event will be successful, as far as number 19 goes in my understanding.

Do you have any ideas about the 14 which was assigned to the person who was currently in? Any thoughts on 19? Does the 14 has anything to do with me or did I dream about that other person who was on?

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