Muddy hole

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Muddy hole

Post by habakuku on Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:04 am

I was in my sleep and was dreaming like I worked for the road construction. While I was working I notice that there was hole along side of the road. The hole was so deep in such a way you could see where it ends (In my vision it was like a bottmless pit.) I was so worried that some one may fall in this pit. As i was working I saw my uncle who is late now he slipt in to this pit. But the this pit was so muddy you could only hear the sound of my uncle going down. I was worried because i realised that there is no way that i could save my uncle.

I thought of the Jerimiah pit. This one in dream was worse that that.

I hope you will able to chew my dream. God bless you thank you

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