Houses Buried Under Bark.

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Houses Buried Under Bark.

Post by steadygaze on Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:34 am

Hello and blessings beloved ones.


I was staying in a house in another state I was traveling through, I was staying with a family,(I do not know in real life.) Anyway as we are walking back to his house and I am like oh my gosh! what All these houses were buried under bark. As I looked it was like rows and rose of houses were buried and there were banks of the bark behind the covered houses. The atmosphere was gray and just very dark and it was like I had no idea there was even a storm of this stuff and the people were walking around as if they did not notice it and it was so obvious. It was like a total disaster had hit this town. I told the guy we have to dig through this bark and save his family because they are not able to breath under this bark. The man looked at his house and he did not see that there was any problems. I was stunned and then I said to him, " You cannot see that open your eyes there is a disaster here, and with in minutes your family will die because they cannot breath, this whole town will die if they do not see this and dig their families and friends out." Then he was able to see the disaster clearly. I was standing there for a moment worried that these people will die because the people were not able to see the disaster of houses buried under bark. I ran to help dig the people out of the houses then the state was under a like a shut down where it was controlled by the government.

Wow this was an intense dream.
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