The Matchmaker

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The Matchmaker

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:38 am

In this dream, I was watching a trailer to a movie. It was a cross between Mary Poppins and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. This is going to be a little hard to describe. There was a cart of sorts in the middle of this ornate hallway. The cart was divided into 4 compartments, each one separate from the other, and each one facing outwards from the middle. So, there were 4 compartments facing 4 different directions - forward, both sides, and behind. In each compartment was a seat, like a bench seat, and there were pairs of people sitting on it. The compartments were also closed off on the outside edge of the cart with folding doors.

So, the trailer begins with that movie voiceover guy saying something about this being a sequel and how Mary's back. Yes, Mary Poppins seemed to be the main character, and right when he said her name, her face was revealed to the audience - looked just like her. Then, Mary went and began to open each of the compartments of this cart, revealing the pairs of people within them. Each pair was wearing different colored clothing from the other pairs. Also, each of the couples were asleep - like they had been put to sleep. Mary eventually made her way to the 4th compartment, revealing two young individuals. I suppose I should say that this was the only young couple in the group. She said something to reveal to the audience that these two were the protagonists in the story. Everyone else was much like the extra children in the Chocolate Factory. I should also mention that these "couples" weren't people who were actually together, yet. That seemed to be the premise for the movie, that Mary was going to bring these people together.

The trailer continued with various cutscenes from the movie. There were some big named stars for the various adult couples. There was one scene where Jim Carrey was excitedly running down a hall. In another scene, there was dialogue between Mary and some other famous actor. Apparently, something had happened in that guy's life where he wasn't willing to get involved in another relationship, but Mary was trying to persuade him. In spite of the negative event that affected the man's previous relationship, he responded to her by saying, "God's always good."

The scene changes to where I'm no longer watching, but am a participant. I'm leaving a mall/movie theater along with other people my age, some of which I know. There seemed to be some plan to meet together later on, but we were each going in our own vehicles. I walked with the group, but was a little anxious that I wouldn't be able to find my car. As is typical of my dreams, I used the key fob to alert me as to where my car was. It also wasn't my current car, but a sportier number that I owned in the past. End of dream.

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