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Post by gracee (lionhgirl) on Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:17 pm

I was in my next door neigbour's house and it was a supermarket, I was in the checkout when I realised I needed to go back into the store and get something else. While I'm back there I receive a message from a good friend, I wasn't sure what it meant so I didn't reply. She seemed to be explaining 2 different flavours and I could choose one. I leave the neighbours and walk towards my house, at this point I'm walking with my good friend (the same who messaged me) and I invited her to come inside. When I walk in she's not with me, and I wonder where she is, but I walk in and greet my family. I carry my niece into the rumpus room as if she was with me the whole time. I sit down with my brother and we read her a book, she eventually wants to sit on his lap. I realise my friend has been gone a while, so I message her and ask if she's okay. I open the front door and yelled out, where are you?! then I see her standing across the court standing in the rain. She comes running, I let her inside and hug her, and say I'm so sorry. I ask, what happened? did I lock the door? She said yes. Again I said sorry and brought her into our dining room. I began getting food and drinks ready for her. The whole family was there and we were all laughing together. I prepared drinks for the rest of the family. Then we moved into a different room and she explained her phone message, it was a reference to a tv show, I didn't know it but my mum did, and it was meant to be funny. Then I'm sitting at my dad's feet and I had made him some crackers with cream cheese, I grabbed a tray and handed it to him, and there was also a drink. When I poured it, it was a small glass, so I gave him the rest of the can as well so he could finish that too. Later on we're at an outdoor something, like a concert and everyones leaving. Close to me I see a man strangle another guy, but it was a game and I found it disturbing. In the distance I see the silhoette of people and balloons and I knew my dad and close friend were there. I run and catch up to them.
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