Beach and annoyed by brother

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Beach and annoyed by brother

Post by Jazzy on Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:44 pm

I had this dream Tue night. I was floating in the air over the water shoreline at the beach. The weather was really cloudy and gloomy like it was about to rain and storm. There was some type of contraption that was shaped liked an X that lifting something out of the water. As it approached the base that was near me in the air, I knew something was about to happen. Once it reached my my level where I was, I was thrown to the land that I thought was a peninsula.

The dream transitioned and I was walking on the boardwalk with my brother. He was doing something that was irritating me, but I kept my composure. He was joking with me too much or poking me or something. We went to a few shops, and I remember at one shop in particular I was telling a girl how much he was annoying me. Our last stop was the train station. I asked my brother why not take the bus back home instead. He said because the train is 24/7. I agreed and went to the train station with him. He bought my ticket, and I was grateful because I had little money. We walked onto the train, and I was no longer with my brother, I was with another guy who I did not know. But the setting or my feelings did not change, just the person. I was so fed up I told this guy off. I was yelling and telling him how annoyed I was by him and could he just stop. He got off the train. I sat on the train for a while, then I started to get up and find him. I walked off the train to search for they guy because I felt bad. I kept thinking he was so "sensitive". I went back on the train because I couldn't find him and acted like I didn't care anymore. A girl that was near me on the train said he's underneath the train. In my mind I thought, geez I hope I didn't cause this guy to commit suicide or anything. The train started moving and there was nothing I could do then. Then the train stopped after 30 sec. I felt relieved and said the sensors noticed him under the train. The same girl said there were people coming who were about to miss the train. I turned my head and I saw them walking on the train. I still did nothing about the guy who was apparently under the train.

The dream transitioned and I got to my destination. It was a bright, sunny day. I was walking and got in the car with a girl I knew from high school, her best friend who also went to my high school, and my cousin (rarely see her). I was driving, the first girl was in the passenger, and her best friend and my cousin were in the back seat. I told my cousin that her sister (also my cousin, and older) and I were displaced. Now the mystery person turned into the older cousin. I told my younger cousin what happened. I felt bad and told everyone in the car I should give older cousin a call. I picked up my cell phone and realized I didn't have the number. I asked young cousin what was her number. I was driving so I heard her say the number but I wasn't listening. I had to ask her about three times because it also sounded fuzzy. I thought the first part of her number was 477, but it was actually 687 after I finally heard her correctly. We arrived at my cousins' house, but most of the family were sleep and we thought someone was sleep downstairs too. Everyone from the car ran through the house to the dining room so we wouldn't wake anyone up. But the house was rattling from all of the running. Nobody woke up to my knowledge though. I asked my younger cousin AGAIN what was the remainder of her sister's number. I was confused between 1117 and 1177 because it also sounded fuzzy. It was actually 1177. The dream ended, so I never did call her to check on her.
I did go the beach Tue evening which could explain the beach setting. We were talking about peninsulas too. My brother has also been slightly bugging me recently, but I would not get really angry with him or blow up or anything; that's not in my nature in reality, but apparently in my dreams. Any thoughts?

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