Whiteshadows interpretation of wedding on a shaky floor

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Whiteshadows interpretation of wedding on a shaky floor

Post by cogicgirl33 on Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:41 pm

I had posted a dream a few months ago about me walking down the aisle to the alter. When i got to the alter in a wedding dress and the floor began to shake. Whiteshadow interpreted the dream with two meanings. When he ended it he said, it looks like you will be getting married than after the wedding, there will be trials. Well i have never been prophesied to about marriage but i did ask God to send me someone. Ever since then everyone prophetic has been coming up to me telling me that God said he is sending me someone this season. IM so excited!!! Shadow i even dreamed that he's in ministry. God is so good. I can't wait.

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