Man chasing me

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Man chasing me

Post by Genevieve on Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:52 pm

Hello everyone. I'd appreciate any thoughts-
I dreamt last night that I was in some sort of trouble and a man was chasing me. He came into my house and I kept going up and up and up to different floors to get away from him. Eventually when I realised I couldn't go any further I realised it was a dream and I made myself go invisible. The man looked at where I was standing and although he knew I was there he couldn't see me so he couldn't do anything to me. So he found my jewelry and broke one of my wedding earrings instead. If it's important they were have purple stones in them and purple is a colour that comes up a lot in my dreams and prayer time.

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Re: Man chasing me

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:26 pm

Hello, Genevieve -

These are just my thoughts on your dream. The part where you came to a realization that this was a dream and you avoided the one chasing you by turning invisible - I thought that it may represent an area where you've been avoiding or escaping something through a lot of your own effort...but then you reached a place of revelation that this is a spiritual matter. At that moment, you knew the supernatural power that you had, and from there you became untouchable. If this fits anything going on in your life, I suppose that it's encouraging to know that you were able to escape, unharmed. The only thing that the man could do was attack your wedding earring. Perhaps the earring symbolizes a memento of an important event - so, maybe a memory or something? That's only a thought on the earring part.


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