Attacked by giant bird

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Attacked by giant bird

Post by oj3000 on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:58 am

Had a dream that I was in college, I had a night class on my schedule. As I approach the class I noticed that there were 4 gates to pass by to get to the room. On the first gate was a picture of a sphinx, I looked over my should to notice a car passing by on the street in the shape of a gold sphinx. I thought nothing of it but as I walked pass the first gate I was attacked by a hawk and not a regular sized hawk a huge one big enough to fly by and grab a full grown man. Something you would see in a syfy movie! I escape the bird only to notice that every time I walk by each gate the bird attacks me once more. It isn't until I get inside to fourth gate that the bird stops attacking. Then I hear a chain sound like the bird is being chained up, I pay it no attention and walk to the door of the class room and notice this is not a regular class room and it dawns on me this isn't areal class! The class was a scam to have people feed to the huge bird that was owned by someone. I walked back to the gate and realized that the gate are booby trapped. There is a sign that reads The bird will free will outside the gates, only when you're in side the fourth gate will the bird be chained. I walk back to the main building at school and instead of the school I end up at a warehouse with two other student saying we have been selected to play in a special game were have to make it back to school building from the warehouse while being attacked by this giant bird. As he speaks I can feel the bird coming so I drop down to the floor, the floor was covered giant living room furniture so I hid under that as the other students attempt to fight the bird. The bird kills to other students and soon realizes i'm under the giant couch and comes for me. After several failed attempts to capture me I suddenly grab me chest and was transported away from the warehouse into a banquet hall filled with people are celebrating. Two young girls (one a teen the other no older than 9 or 10) are receiving an award. Then the man from the warehouse walks in and takes a seat, and Find out he is an important figure in society (either the mayor or the president).

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