Pls hlep me with these dreams! Prison, Usher, president????

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Pls hlep me with these dreams! Prison, Usher, president????

Post by maame80 on Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:42 pm

Three days ago, I had a dream and in the dream, I was walking with a friend and i saw a guy walking behind me that wanted to steal my handbag, once i saw his intentions, i kept swaying my bag from left to right,then i gave the bag to my friend to hold for me, so the guy didn't succeed in snatching my bag. Then I entered a church. Whilst in the church, the Prophet preaching told me out of all the many congregation to stand up, then he prophesied to me saying " the man who is going to marry you, when you meet him he will sing to you" I then replied him and said someone has told me this before. after the prophesy I moved to the front seat at the church and then saw myself emptying the contents of my bag and someone came up to me and gave me a paper of what to do. I took the paper and went up to the pulpit and was speaking up there or lets say moderating.

IRL,since this dream on monday, I have been praying intensely 4 God to show me the man I am going to marry.How I will meet him, where and when and to give me a sign because I do not want to make any more mistakes in life.

Then I dreamt last night after these prayers that my sister and I were imprisoned because a catholic priest I know said my kids(only 6yrs, twins)were noisy and they had left food wrappers around. we appealed our sentence but the court didnt agree and the Priest too was very strong-willed on putting us back in Prison, so they said after another three months we can appeal again. I was shocked I was going back to Prison for another 3 months. I contacted another friend priest of mine to intervene.He told the priest who had us imprisoned that I'm very educated with a masters degree and I love animals as well so i should be pardoned.The priest gave me a dog to hold to see if i really love animals but I dropped the dog. Then he said, well then i should go to Canada to find a job.Then my cousin came with a friend and the friend paid 200,000pounds to bail my sister. Then my cousin said what about me and he said he has only 150,000pounds remaining but he will be willing to use it to bail me.

Then I entered another dream scene, I was with Usher(the singer) and a president of a country in Africa. The three of us were together going for a very elite party. when we got there, they found a seat for Usher but they were struggling to find seats for me and the president because the place was packed. Then there were some women who took off their sunglasses from the seat so they could make a seat available for me. I suddenly saw the president was very teary, almost weeping cos he was not getting the recognition, attention and respect he should've been awarded at the place. They eventually found a seat between some men for him to sit. Then I later found myself at the filming of Maleficent, Jolie's new movie that she's filming. I was trying not to disrupt the shooting of the movie.

I have been praying really intensely to God to reveal and speak to me in dreams about who my husband to be is. I have no clue what these dreams represent, I will be most grateful if anyone could shed some light on what these symbolisms are?

The prison one scares me ((but IRL - I have a masters degree, my specialist area covers food safety,Air quality, Noise pollution,animals safety and intervening in hazards and pollutants that pose any health threat. I'm looking for a job at the moment. Is it related to this prison dream), and Usher is a singer and three days prior to this dream I was prophesied in another dream that my future husband will sing to me, is there any connection between these dreams? Not Usher per say but what him and the president's symbolism represents here? pls help me link these dreams.

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Re: Pls hlep me with these dreams! Prison, Usher, president????

Post by daphanie02 on Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:21 pm

What I love about the first dream is that when you meet the one God has for you, you will know it because you will have confirmation... thumbs

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