Ear infections healed, even scars healed

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Ear infections healed, even scars healed

Post by Deborah on Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:59 pm

When I was a young girl, I had a lot of ear infections. By the time my parents got me to an ear specialist, I had almost permanently lost my hearing--had they waited another 2 weeks, the doctor said, I would have been deaf. I've always thought this was the enemy trying to steal my musical ability away from me because I've been composing music since I was about 5 years old. Mia helped me understand a recurring dream I had back in those days:


Anyway, for the last several months I have been having ear pain. I am not one to run to the doctor, but last Friday when I was in church and a prophet asked if anyone had ear pain I was like this getting to the altarSmileyCentral.com The prophet and his wife prayed for me and the Holy Spirit was very near. I felt a burning sensation in my ear and the stabbing pain I had was gone. Well the next day, the pain came back. crying I was very upset. Today a doctor looked into my ears with an otoscope and she said, "These are the shiniest ear drums I have ever seen!" She said I had no sign of infection.

Now when a person has had a lot of ear infections, the ear drum becomes dull and doesn't reflect light. Considering all the ear infections I've had in my life, I should have a very dull eardrum but ptl, I don't!!!!!! The pain was probably just from some ear wax that's built up and from the enemy trying to steal my healing away from me! So I'm praising God for touching my ears!!! For making my ear drums so shiny it looks like I've never had an infection!!! woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo
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