this toilet dreams

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this toilet dreams

Post by maame80 on Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:57 am

I dont know how to put this nor interpret it, maybe you lot can help!

I had a dream, I entered a toilet house and in the dream it was currently where i live, not my flat per say but the whole block was the toilet house and i saw cockroaches(they scare me to death), then I immediately came out of that toilet place.
A week later, there was another similar dream. I was sitting on a chamber pot relieving myself in my living room. there's a toilet in my flat so I donot know why i was doing it on the chamber pot in my living room. whilst sitting on it i saw the leg and feet of my friend standing behind the tv in my living room, I couldnt see her face but i knew it was my friend. i live in London, UK and she lives in connecticut. After finishing the toilet or relieving myself, i took the chamber pot to the bathroom and damped the toilet in the toilet bowl with such a force that some of the water splashed onto the floor then i flushed the toilet. I then jumped into the bath to wash myself but i saw there was earpiece in my ears. This earpiece is normally connected to my laptop so i was asking myself why the earpiece was in my ears and wheres the laptop? i cannot have it in my ears all the way from my living room to the toilet without the laptop trailing, my friend would have called me to pick it up?then i woke up
Three days later i had this toilet dream again but this time it was my mum. she had an upset tummy, she was going to the toilet so much and i gave her a medication to stop it.

Any meanings to these dreams?

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Re: this toilet dreams

Post by daphanie02 on Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:06 pm

Just some thoughts here, but in my experience, toilet dreams represent me venting frustrations (which sometimes is gross but needs to be done). The second dream about your mom sounded like a literal one..has she been having any type of health issue lately? Perhaps not serious, just something that could be handled with over the counter meds? again, just my thoughts..God bless!

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