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Post by ellycat316 on Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:14 am

A Policeman was directing traffic into the area (plaza) I had to go in.

The policeman was in my office just hanging out.

In my office, by my desk, I found a large blue fabric button (domed shaped). Later my boss was questioning me as to where I found the button, and I could not remember if I found it by my desk or in another area of the room.

My boss gave me a 4x6 tan card with some writing on it & I was to fill in some numbers. I made a mistake on the card, so I went in my bossís office looking for another card. I looked in her desk, but couldnít find one; then a co-worker found the cards in the cupboard & gave me one.

I found myself living in a new area and thinking I need to explore the area.

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