Confusing "Hebrew Roots-Movement Dream"

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Confusing "Hebrew Roots-Movement Dream"

Post by v3ryan on Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:14 am

Ok, before I begin and tell you the dream, I wish to say that I AM NOT claiming to have a divine message from God telling us that the Hebrew Roots-Movement is correct, and we need to repent to their teachings. Please do not get this confused with a direct literal interpretation prophetic statement from me, I am not trying to preach a different doctrine! Rather, I'm posting this dream in order to get understanding what it means exactly, because I woke up feeling really confused by it myself.

So I had a dream that I was in this Zen Garden area (it sort of looked like it) with a bunch of people, and a female narritive voice in the dream (There's this one lady, won't mention who it is who claims to be a prophet from God, but I don't really pay attention because she preaches that we need to follow the Sabbath and return to calling Jesus by His Hebrew Name Yeshua, etc...) So the dream seemed to be about her and her teachings. In the dream, I heard this female voice, that sounded like her, but maybe a bit younger, although I saw no one narrating the dream. (I could not recognize anyone else in the dream other than a particular friend of mine). In this dream, my friend (who had short hair in the dream) was prophesied that she would rise up and preach this doctrine to the church. In the dream, I started going down this staircase as the narrator mentioned something about God creating other languages, but it was the Hebrew that is His language. I also remember I think at one point the dream brought up the Seventh-Day Adventist's doctrine that Sunday worshippers will one day be the ones accepting the mark of the beast simply by worshipping on a Sunday. (Something like that) At the end of the dream, it showed my friend leading a bunch of people through a Hebrew version of The Lord's Prayer (although the words weren't actual Hebrew in the dream, it seemed more like gibberish that sounded like The Lord's Prayer, since I don't know Hebrew, I looked up the Hebrew Lord's Prayer after this dream) In the dream it had subtitles in English phonetics spelt out over this powerpoint presentation across the garden on the other side of this pond. The words were written in blue, Comic Sans MS Font, and went something like, "X" "XYZ", not entirely sure, but there were a lot of X's in them.
During the dream at one point I felt discomfort, disagreeing with this doctrine.

Again I wish to state that I am not claiming that this dream is a direct literal-interpretation revelation from God saying we need to repent according to The Hebrew Root's Movement, rather that I find this dream really confusing, and it bothers me and I wish to know what it's about.

Some background from my friend: I don't know her spiritual walk with God very well, and it's not my place to judge, for all I know these are bad habits she herself is trying to change, but from what I can observe, she does things I don't agree with even though she is a Christian. She once considered lying in order help out with her job, she's also sometimes sexually suggestive in her language (not often) and she also uses fowl language too.

Anyways, my mind races around here. I sometimes automatically think to myself that the dream is literal, which of course is the source of my confusion, but I do also know that dreams are symbolic, and should be treated as such. Anyways, does anyone have any idea what this dream may mean?

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Re: Confusing "Hebrew Roots-Movement Dream"

Post by daphanie02 on Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:08 pm

It could be that she might teach something you don't fully agree with. I would keep her in prayer.

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