Call Out To Worship/Tornado In A Hotel

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Call Out To Worship/Tornado In A Hotel

Post by Jordanriver8 on Fri May 25, 2012 8:19 pm

In this dream I was in a rather large hotel that contained lots and lots of families all from various churches and denominations. There were several floors with rooms and I remember leaning over a balcony (the balcony was not on the outside but inside the hotel that over looked a Great Hall or Great Room) and seeing a woman (Heather) in the middle of this huge courtyard calling out for families to come in the centre of the hotel to worship.

There were a lot of people looking over the balcony listening to her shout out for the people to come below and worship. As she was saying this I saw high above her some clouds starting to swirl in a circular motion and the more she asked the people to worship the darker the clouds were getting and I could tell a tornado was starting to form. I remember running back to my hotel room and pleading with my family to come out and worship as she needed everyone. And I remember running back out and now in front of her was this extremely large pumpkin and high above the pumpkin was even darker clouds and it was swirling even faster it was a tornado but it didn't touch the ground, it swirled above this rather large pumpkin. I remember Heather shouting I need everyone to come out an worship our Lord. We need to praise so it will go into the pumpkin. I remember running back to my family in the hotel room asking them with urgency that we needed to get out and help by worshipping. End of Dream
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