Arctic Crocodile

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Arctic Crocodile

Post by AravisCalormene on Thu May 24, 2012 11:33 pm

I have an interesting dream that has been already been interpreted some time ago...

The setting was the Arctic shelf, nothing but ice for miles in all directions except for the shoreline. The water was a dark inky blue, not transparent at all. I was there alone with a few necessities, on a mission for a magazine like Nat Geo to study and care for a flock of arctic sea gulls. I remember being really involved with that particular group, naming each one and knowing who's mate was who's.

The scene changes and I get a glimpse of the inside of a military helicopter. There are two Russian men inside, one the pilot and another a lower ranking official of some sort. There were actual subtitles in my dream, and even though they spoke Russian I understood that they hated the gulls, and therefore me, and were on a mission from a rival entity to destroy us both.

A metal grate attached to the copter by four chains was lowered from the bottom of the helicopter onto what appeared to be an ocean surface. On the metal grate, inches above freezing cold water, was a newborn baby. It looked so perfect and innocent, but in grave danger.

Suddenly a long wooden box with no top was lower into the ocean, and inside was an alligator/crocodile. I soon realized that the Russians in the helicopter were trying to lead the alligator through the water, and that the baby was bait to make sure that it followed them.

My view panned back and I realized that the alligator, and the helicopter, were heading toward the arctic shore where I and my flock of gulls were residing. Their purpose was to destroy us, but especially the birds.

This is my dream in its entirety. Good luck!

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