Dream About Ahab and Altar

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Dream About Ahab and Altar

Post by AravisCalormene on Thu May 24, 2012 10:55 pm

Two nights ago I had a three part dream that I will describe as here as briefly as possible.

Part One: Emotions are mild...
My family (my mother, two brothers and sister) and I went to try out a new local grocery store filled with high end foods.I felt at a pleasant sense of lightheartedness.
As we walked across the parking lot toward the automatic doors, we noticed something like jet stream of pollution high in the sky, shooting west toward the sun. After making a note of this, we all went inside and began shopping, splitting up to make the trip faster.
My sister and I went toward the bakery even though sweets weren't on the list, in the hopes of finding a deal and convincing Mom to buy some anyway. In a glass display were some doughnut holes with a sign that said 8 cents a pound. My sister tried one and so did I, only to realize afterward that the real price was $5.08 per pound--way too much.
The man behind the counter came to assist us, so my sister and I suddenly had to chew and swallow stealthily while making a polite getaway. We managed to get away without being charged with shoplifting.

Part Two: Emotions are stronger...
All of us were in our house telling bible stories, along with a girl friend of ours. The main story ended up being that of Ahab, Jezebel, and Elijah. The emotion was that of happiness and concentration.
Eventually we started playing a game of chase in which one boy would be "it" (Ahab), and one boy (Elijah) and one girl (made up character, like Elijah's mom or something) would avoid being caught. Our friend took my place as the girl and I directed everybody in their lines and characters.
Everyone would start out in the bedroom closet and "it" would count to 10. Then the chasees would run out in all directions and the chaser rode out on a flying, wheelless go-cart contraption, decorated like a royal chariot.
The girl friend of the family (who in real life is still learning about the bible) made the mistake of calling on the spirit of Jezebel within the game. Horrified, I paused everything and explained that Jezebel's was evil and why she should not be invoked. She caught on and quickly changed, and the game continued.

Part Three: Emotions are strongest and dream is most vivid...
The scene changes and I am on a set directing a play-like movie of the story of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel. The set really struck me as absolutely perfect for a scene about idolatry. It was a large, rather shadowy room, completely empty except for a huge altar in one corner of the room.
I remember wanting to shoot a film that explains the psyche of the two evil characters just as much as Elijah's. The perfect Ahab actor had been cast already, and I was on set to hear an actress read for the role of a young priestess.
The actress turned out to be pop singer Lady Gaga. She came in wearing full hair and make-up, and when she read a conversation with Ahab I got chills. She was so perfect at everything about the role. I looked at her and then at him, then said, "No. No. You aren't the assistant, you are the High Priestess."
Both the Ahab actor and Lady Gaga nodded with satisfaction. She looked totally unsurprised.

Sorry for the length, but this dream is strange to me and I really want to know what it means. Thank you all!

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