Dream to be interpreted - praying over someone

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Dream to be interpreted - praying over someone

Post by Esther Obi on Mon May 21, 2012 7:12 am

Hi there
I dreamt and i saw myself runnign after a boy who needed it what looked like to me deliverance. I started praying over him and commanded things to come out in Jesus Name, i was surrounded by people watching, then as i was pronouncing things over the boy in Jesus name it was no longer a boy but a white faced man with long hair down to his shoulders and as i was saying "Fire, ligtening in Jesus name smoke started coming out of him then i was saying "holiness in the highest over him many times and lightening was coming over him . The next thing i remember i saw myself and two sisters telling me that the man has actually invited us to his house and in my spirit i saw that he was a normal looking man now and he wanted to show gratitude for what has happened. Please could you help me understand this?

Esther Obi
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Re: Dream to be interpreted - praying over someone

Post by Cholette on Mon May 21, 2012 2:07 pm

Hmmm...my thoughts to this dream is that it sounds like you have a "deliverance" ministry. I see the fact that you laying hands on the boy and then him changing into a man could possibly be your prayers affecting future generations of the people you pray for.

Just my thoughts...I gave you some thoughs on another dream you had about feeding honey to children...it appears you have a powerful ministry within you.


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