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car dreams

Post by unfailing_love on Mon May 21, 2012 5:54 am

I'm slightly confused because i've had 2 car dreams in the past week that don't seem to match..

1. I was driving smoothly down a highway and i could call down any statue or monument i wanted and it would come down instantly from a factory it was made in. To my right was a sunset over the sea scenery with buildings and for some reason i called down a new york landscape and it fell onto the sea but i thought it looked strange because it was much bigger than the other buildings. Then i started singing and got distracted driving and the car started getting off course and i hit a wall on the side but i wasn't hurt. Then my dad got the wheel and he started driving although i kept insisting that i could do it.

2. I was driving back to my university ( i actually study at university in real life) in a small vintage 2 seated car that i really liked and felt cosy in. It was a convertible ( no roof) and the seat was flat on the ground, a bit like a race car. Then it was as if i stepped back and saw the scene as a spectator and the car was driving with many other cars but it was driving sideways on the wall. There were flying insects trying to attack and the car would try dodging them as it drove.

The first dream makes some sense to me but i have no idea about the second one! any help would be appreciated.

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Re: car dreams

Post by Cholette on Mon May 21, 2012 6:31 am

Here are my thoughts so please toss what doesn't agree...

Dream 1 seems like a power dream where you have the power and authority to speak and things happened, but the you get off course through distractions and GOD, who represents your father takes over to get you back on your power and authority...and you want to take over instead of yielding.

Dream 2 seems to be more prophetic because you were spectating it, but your car has no top which for me means no covering of some sort and you were off course...up against the wall.. And without the covering, you were unnecessarily exposed to the elements and you became under attack.

Are there areas in your life right now where you have gotten away from under what Or where God has willed you to be? We go through life exposed to things unnecessarily because we aren't where we belong.

Like I said, these are just thoughts...pray and toss if needed.

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