All Consuming Fire

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All Consuming Fire

Post by renki on Fri May 18, 2012 9:50 pm

I was in my childhood hometown. The city was bright and sunny with gentrification everywhere. The homes which typicall have the garages on the back of the house were placed on the side of the house. My husband's black truck was parked in the driveway to one of the side garages. The sun quickly dropped and set in the North. Then all of a sudden a rushing ocean of fire covered the entired land from North to South. I was watching this all happen from above.

Then all of a sudden myself and 5 friends began to run from my parent's back of the house garage up the alley. Then a motor bike appeared and we took off. I got on a road towards 4th Avenue. My friends and I went around the corner of a street to rest. Then a cop car drove past us and the officer pulled out a shot gun - getting himself ready to shoot us.

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