Attack By Evil

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Attack By Evil

Post by blue504 on Wed May 16, 2012 6:02 pm

Back Story: I jog every day on the levee.

Dream: I dreamed I was sitting down on the ground mentally out of it watching Southern University Marching band On the Levee. My friend was angry with me telling me to get up.
I think this part of the dream mean their will be a ban on walk or running on the levee in the south.

Second part of the dream I got on the street car and I end up near my childs father family home. It was real early in the morning. I had on a robe while I pass his home .I notice their door was open but the screen door was closed. I was trying to rush by his home so no one can see me; but, I ran into his sister. I tried to ignore her so she did not notice me. She was also in her robe talking on the phone. While I was walking to the street car to go home; I felt so much pressure and energy from her, and whomever she was talking to , that it lift me up from the ground. I think she is into voodoo in real life. I think the whole family is into it. They want my daughter.I am under a lot of pressure due to her and their whole family. please keep me in prayer. I believe my childs father is a real warlock. Please pray for me.

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