My dad wanting me to dispose of a body.

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My dad wanting me to dispose of a body.

Post by steadygaze on Mon May 14, 2012 7:26 am

Hi beloved friends. I had a very strange dream and wondering if it is demonic. In the dream the people I am with are not the real people in the natural it was as if they were role playing. I have never had a dream like this but thought I would post this.


I was living in a city where I had my friends and my spiritual mentors and my parents where are all together.Only it was as if they were not the real characters. We also all lived on the same street. My mom and dad where having problems, and it seemed like my mom always had a wondering eye. We would all go out and my mom always looked at other men. In real life they are divorced and have been since I was little. Anyway my dad would treat her bad and abuse her so she decided to leave this country restaurant building with a man she liked.My mom who did not look or act like my real mom in the the natural wanted to leave with this guy she had met. She wanted me to help her by driving the car, I told her that what she what she was doing was wrong and it would make her situation with my dad worse. I ended up driving her to where this guy she liked was, then I left. I think oh man my dad will find out and this will turn out not to be good. I was concerned for my mom. So I go home and my dad pulls up in this guys car that my mom went to meet and the guy is laying all beat up in the back of this brown station wagon. I am like what the heck is going on dad what did you do. My dad asks me to help him by disposing of the body, and I am like I cannot do that! What the heck! what So my dad leaves the body with me and I cannot seem to dispose of it because I am not a killer or a murder. It was not in me to do such a thing. Well I wondered and walked all night at the ocean thinking how I could get rid of this body but then I decided not to and leave the car parked where it was because it was not in me to help with my dads violence. Then as I come back to talk to my mentor about what my dad did,and there were the police all around, and I see that the guy is still alive and not dead sitting up in his car,and it made me so happy. I was afraid he would see me and tell them I had helped but I did not help my dad hurt him. He saw me but did not say anything. I thought I need to talk to my spiritual mentor and come clean even though I did not do anything I felt I needed to confess. So I go to my mentors house and she does not look like my mentor but someone else. Anyway she tells me she is going to move back to California. I was so sad to hear she was moving and I wanted to share but I knew I was not going to be able too. I knew I would miss her because she seemed to be the only one that made sense in my life.

WOW WHAT A STRANGE DREAM. scratching chin
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