A poor area in the woods and disappointment.

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A poor area in the woods and disappointment.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Sat Dec 13, 2008 8:33 am

Okay now this is an interesting dream as it seems to have different segments.Sorry this is a bit long. Grab a ☕ and a Daph\\'s Dreams


I went to a very poor area in some town or nation I am not sure. There was this place where the poor people lived together in the woods and I do not know if I was visiting there or there to help, but met some really neat people. The next thing I know I am with a guy and he and I went to go get a bike fixed at this bike shop. I had to buy a certain part and fix it there myself. I do not know if the bike I was fixing was for a kid or not. I get the part and in this backyard at the bike shop I need to fix the bike and there was this guy there blocking me getting in, I ask him can he please move so I can fix this bike and the guy I am with is standing up by the shop watching and I am wondering why he is not helping me. The guy I asked to move told me he probably couldn't and that he needed all that room. I was like what! Then he tries to see if the my bike can pass him and it could so we are able o get through to fix the bike. I go to turn a screw with my hand and it turns freely. The guy who is not helping me that was with me was shocked I was able to turn the screw with my hands.wow

Next scene, I was in my house and for some reason my things were stolen including my TV. My friend Stephanie came over to use my shower because hers did not work or something. Then I went to my spiritual moms house we were to hang out the whole weekend and just goof off. When I was at her house we ended just doing allot of cooking and work kind of stuff. After we had done all that she totally changed our plans. I got upset with her because she was not fallowing through on her word about playing the whole weekend the stuff we had planned to do, and I was disappointed.She told me there was something wrong with me cause I was disappointed I was like what! what Then I go home. My friend Stephanie comes over again to use my shower and I tell her, I need to find a TV because I missed watching it when I have nothing to do, while I was laying on my couch by where the TV use to be before it was stolen. I am thinking of ways I can try and find one with the little money I had for some reason it was important to get a TV. Then Stephanie and I go out and do some shopping and she tells me," the church has a surprise this Sunday that no body knows about." I remember my other friend Christine was going into a higher place of leadership. So I am thinking that is what the church means. As we are crossing the street my friend Stephanie hears a voice telling her she is not to be outside until the secret is revealed at church. I was like what that is weird. :huh?: I said to her, where did that voice come from that you heard? She says from over there and she points to another lady I know. I think to myself Stephanie can't go outside until she hears about the secret to me that is like being in prison, what up with that yo. :afro:

I know this dream is a bit busy sorry for that but Gods knows.
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