Babysitter's daughter getting married

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Babysitter's daughter getting married

Post by Jazzy on Wed May 09, 2012 3:27 pm

A few days ago I had a dream the daughter of my old babysitter (my babysitter when I was in elementary school) was getting married and I went to attend the wedding and reception. I arrived late, but the wedding was not on schedule either. I wanted to see the bride so badly because I was so excited for her. I went to a door that led outside, and on the patio I saw her mother. I was stunned to see her, but then my feelings toward her changed and also the mood of the dream. I saw that she was mellow, so I slowed my pace from eager to more mellow. We had a casual catch-up conversation, but I don't remember details. People inside became louder and more excited because the wedding was about to start. I rushed back inside, but I don't recall seeing the wedding. At the reception I wanted to speak to the bride. I saw her white dress (never her face) and went her way. As I was waiting to talk to her, I had a thought I needed to leave very soon to go to work. But I waited to speak to her as though tardiness to work wasn't an issue. The dream ended with me waiting to congratulate the bride.

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