I won an injection?

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I won an injection?

Post by Allsmiles on Wed May 09, 2012 10:44 am

I dreamed that I walked up to a table where some people I knew were sitting.. mostly guys, at a wooden picnic table. One of my friends said that I had one an injection. This injection (laying out on the table) was supposed to be a super powerful fertility treatment. I was super happy but then sad because I had no husband to use it with. Someone at the table suggested that marry one of them. I spend what felt like ages asking questions.. listening to responses, trying to get the feel for who the potentials really were in their spirit. When I got to this one guy (the last guy at the table) I asked a few questions and he asked me questions.. he did what the others didn't he put his hand on my shoulder and after a while he tenderly rubbed my back, all while he talked to me, as if he knew the decision was hard to make. I felt so much peace.

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Re: I won an injection?

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Fri May 18, 2012 10:24 pm

Hello, Allsmiles -

Does this dream mirror your feelings about marriage and the timing of things in real life? I understand that many who are around your age get concerned when certain areas of their lives just seem like they are perfect and ready to be combined with marriage. To me, this is how I view the injection in the dream: An area of your life that seems perfectly blessed to you; but, at the same time, it isn't 100% fulfilling because other areas (perhaps marriage) just aren't where you'd like them to be.

Your interaction with the people at the picnic table in the dream might line up with those around you in real life. This may not be the case for you, but I know that those in my own circles are good for "encouraging" me to consider pursuing relationships with those that they know - trying to "help" based upon their own understanding.

My encouragment to you is to wait on the Lord for the one that he's preparing for you, should marriage/dating actually be the issue here. Just like in the dream, the one will be unlike the others, and you'll know who it is because you'll have peace.



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