In the principal's office

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In the principal's office

Post by gracee (lionhgirl) on Tue May 08, 2012 8:34 pm

I was in a school bus, but it was actually just a normal van. I was getting out of the van with who I thought was my brother and sister, then as I left the van I remembered that I was actually adopted. I walked into the front gates of my highschool, and what normally should be the front entrance is my principalís office. So I walked straight into the Principal's office, his back was facing me Ė as in his desk was facing the window instead of the door (make sense?). I had to go through his office to get to my locker which was in a joining room. So I asked, "Is it okay if I just walk past to get something from my locker?" He said no, without looking at me, and I was surprised that this simple thing wasnít okay. A man walked past me to leave the room. But he stopped and ended up turning around and approaching the principalís desk from the front- so he is now facing the principal and I'm still behind the principal and the desk. I decide to listen to this man speak so I walk up and stand next to the principal, somehow this doesn't seem strange to the principal or to me, it doesnít seem like Iím intruding. Now to my left, is my good friend Amy, so I'm standing between my friend and the principal. I lean my head on my friendís shoulder. The man is now facing the three of us but his attention is to the principal. He begins to explain about some kind of concert with three cellos that he has been helping to organise. He was explaining how he had been working really hard. It was like he was presenting his case to try to either gain the principalís approval, or to prove that he had changed. Behind the man I could see the school grounds and the chapel of the school - then I saw a picture of the concert in the chapel. I also saw a picture of another man, a teacher,† who had put in a good word for him. The principal was still skeptical - about his character I guess, but I don't know why. I didnít feel like I had any say in the procedure, but that I was just an observer in the event.

The friends name is Amy meaning 'beloved', I leaned on her shoulder - just today I heard a sermon about Song of solomon 8:5 "Who is this coming up from the wilderness†leaning on her beloved? - coincidence?
Appreciate your thoughts, also this is one part of a long dream, I mean is it important that the long dreams stay together?
gracee (lionhgirl)
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