Dream meaning? Two houses.

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Dream meaning? Two houses.

Post by sarfoste on Thu May 03, 2012 2:43 pm

I had a dream last night full of a lot of anxiety and was wondering if anyone could interpret it for me?

I dreamed that there were two houses, and it was dark out and storming heavily. At first in my dream I was not exactly aware of the weather, but as the dream progressed I was aware of a storm gathering and rain pouring.

The two houses were directly next to each other, older Victorian houses like the ones downtown in my city, similar to the house style I grew up in and my older sister’s house that she lives in now. In the first house all of my friends from my college (which is in a large city far away from my hometown—when I am there I live in a very different lifestyle than at home in my small town with my family and church. At college I am independent, much freer, at home it’s a lot more constrained and responsibility-oriented)

Anyway in one house my college friends were getting ready for a great get-together and in the next house I was waiting by myself and I vaguely remember some other person was with me, I think a middle-aged male with dark hair, but I’m not sure… Both houses were three storey and I was in the kitchen on the first floor. There were rather big windows and a short porch.

Everyone was going to drink and party in the house next door, but I had a heart condition and couldn’t drink or join in. It was beginning to rain. One of the girls from my group of friends has a lot of animosity towards me and has tried to alienate me from the group in the past—I’ll call her Alise. Alise is dark haired and exotic looking and is usually the life of the party. My other good friend I’ll call Nan was in the kitchen of the next house, and so was my friend Lila.

In my dream a lot of anxiety revolved around Alisa, who didn’t want to have anything to do with me, and I felt kind of isolated in the second house, but I couldn’t leave because my heart physically was a problem. I really have had problems with tightness in my chest in the past when I drink carbonated beverages and mix alcohol—and recently after talking to my Aunt who has a heart condition I realized I might have a real problem.

The phone rang in the second house where my friends were and Lila answered it and she told everyone that it was my doctor and he said that he reviewed my test results and that my heart problem was much worse than he first realized and that I was dying very soon.

The storm became much worse and I was trapped between wanting to go see my friends and running away—except I knew that running away was selfish because then at the very least Lila would feel like she had to run after me to make sure I was okay. Before the news Alise was feeling resentful towards me and didn’t want me to come over, but after the news there was a kind of change in the air, and I started to prepare myself to die.

It was a really disturbing dream. I think largely self-explanatory, but I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas about underlying meaning or symbolism?

There were strong feelings of exclusion and isolation in my dream--I felt like it wasn't fair that I had to die before all of my young friends. I think the two houses have some kind of representation of my home in my hometown and the home I've made for myself with friends at college several hours away. At home I've been pushed into a small box of responsibility, both to my family and church, and getting away to college offered me an opportunity to be myself outside of my large dysfunctional family...

I have a lot of freedom with my friends and at school, but when I come home I'm kind of stuffed into conventional behavior. I resent it, and when I'm home Alise kind of takes over and turns my friends in the city against me. This sounds kind of ridiculous but that's what happens.

The skies were alternations of dark grey, blue and black...

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Re: Dream meaning? Two houses.

Post by Deborah on Thu May 03, 2012 3:26 pm

As I read your dream this is what kept coming to me: heart problems. Please get your (physical) heart checked out. Even if there is something wrong with your heart, you can inform yourself what you can do about it and take charge of this area of your life. Staying in denial is not going to help you.
I totally understand what it's like to have people turning against you based on the slander of another. Yet, if your friends turn so quickly, are they really your friends? Sit down with yourself and make a list of things you CAN control. The fact is, you can't control others' reactions to you, but your attitude is COMPLETELY up to you. You have way more choices than you think you do--maybe you could get a job near your college for the summer? Maybe you need to stand up to Alise and call her out for her behavior.
I'm sorry for preachin...these are just my thoughts...
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