Repost Took the narrow bridge home.

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Repost Took the narrow bridge home.

Post by steadygaze on Wed May 02, 2012 7:36 am

Hello precious ones here I am again.


There were all these metal very long bridges that stretched for miles everywhere. I was to go see my family. So I had to go over these long bridges to see them.When I was with my aunt and uncle visiting, my other aunt came who was younger and was closer to my age. She had wanted the two of us to go out alone and spend some time together and my car was acting up so I had to cancel our plans with her. It seemed like I was always canceling our plans because something would always come up. She got upset with me and said, You are always canceling our time together and it is getting annoying." I could tell she was hurt and was trying to come across like she really was upset but at the same time understood why we had to cancel every time. I told her I am sorry these were not planned things and things have been coming up for me and it had not been an easy road for me. Then my uncle came out of a room and said that he will take care of my car we can go out now. So I am excited that my aunt Patty and I can go out now then she says, no we have to go with them meaning the older aunt and uncle. So basically we all went out to eat together. Then I was to go home. I had forgotten which bridge led me home. I had to stop and get gas and these guys threatened me. It seemed every where I went to ask for directions I was tormented, or teased and even threatened like these people did not want me to make it home alive. I asked a man which bridge would lead me home, and he and another guy pointed me in the right direction and they were the ones who were the bridge workers. So finally after all the torment, and trouble, I end up on the right bridge but the bridge was narrow so narrow you could hardly fit two cars on it going in different directions. The bridge was so long that it was so scary to drive on. Every time a car came in the opposite direction I would squint and even cover my eyes because they looked like they were coming right at me. Then I see the two guys on a motorcycles who threatened me that if I found the right bridge they would kill me. However they rode along side me and I kept my eye's only on the narrow road.
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