car wreck and a fish covered in shag carpet

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car wreck and a fish covered in shag carpet

Post by Deborah on Wed May 02, 2012 6:44 am

Last night I had a dream my husband and I were driving to a nearby city for a 7 am prayer/worship service. On the way (an hour drive), the rain pelted us. Then we were at an auto parts store and a former pastor's wife was the cashier. Beside her was a tank that had a fish in it; the fish looked like it was covered in shag carpet lol! but part of the carpet was coming off as it was swimming around, like it was trying to shed it. Also a black dog was walking around the store and I kept rescuing it because it would get locked in closets and other little rooms.

The pastor's wife told me I looked really happy and I said, "Yes, if a person holds on to Jesus, He'll make everything in your life right." Then I explained I had been outside in the pouring rain, that's why my hair wasn't curled. lol!

Well I walked outside (my husband was still in the store for some reason--he had bought something but I don't know what it was) and standing by the car was a relative of my son's ex-girlfriend. In fact, she had the passenger door open in my vehicle and her little baby was sitting on the front seat. She said she wanted to go somewhere and take a picture of my husband and me. She said we should drive out into the country and my husband could catch up (I have no idea what he would drive, but in the dream it sounded like a good idea to go on ahead.)

So I'm driving down the road 13 miles and I look behind me and a guy who has been following us (not my husband) gets in a wreck. I pull over to the side of the road. The guy has been thrown from his truck and is lying on the highway moaning. I try to find my cell phone to call 911, but then I see another guy is calling. I look behind me again. Somebody had moved the guy and put him in a horse trailer. I'm really furious about him being moved. I offer the blankets in my vehicle to cover the guy so he doesn't go into shock and then I wake up.

Irl there have been a lot of auto wrecks in the area I dreamed about.
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