A few dreams of someone trying to steal my car or get into it.

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A few dreams of someone trying to steal my car or get into it.

Post by Macleod on Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:16 am

Dream 1
I'm walking to my car and about to give a dark man who is a servant a lift. I hear a voice "hide your keys in case someone tries to steal them". Again I hear the voice "If someone steals your car, they will sell it". I try to cover them up with my top but the bunch of keys is too big. As we walk through the parking lot towards my car I realise the dark servant could be the one who tries to steal them. I unlock my car (my current 4x4 IRL) but the passenger side doesn't open. I get into the drivers while the dark servant tries is trying to get in the passenger door. I look out the front window, it's dark & cloudy, you can't see a thing but I sense the dark servant walking around the front and then past my window and I hear him getting into the car and sitting behind me. I worry that he might attack me from behind and would prefer it if he rather sat upfront where I could see him. I then think that I've not actually made the time to speak to him.
Dream 2
I'm at a junction (in my current car IRL) and a gang of men come up trying to open it. I lock the doors, they say this is their car. I race off to the right, they're following me. We're on a straight road, I over take a car, still speeding trying to get away.
Then I'm in a diner, I realise this gang of men are there drinking and playing games. I stay out of sight. It's as if I was there to get confirmation from the owner of the diner that the car was actually mine - he hands me back my keys. As I get back into my car, the gang of men are back there, trying to get into my car. I lock it and start the engine.
Dream 3
I'm in my car and a male lion is outside, walking back and fore, roaring, trying to get in. I know all the doors and windows are closed. Suddenly a female lion is now in my car, at the window, walking back and fore looking outside, the male wasn't outside any more. I wondered how she got in, the windows were closed. I then see, in my mind, a bear walking on his hind legs and hides behind a tree. The car is then driven off, I'm in the back seat, not sure who's driving and I ask the lioness if she closed the gate, she said she didn't but she was relaxed and said the lion wouldn't harm me.
If my car is my ministry, how, in the natural,could anyone try and steal it? Or is it not a person but the enemy using other tactics? Dream 1 = ignorance? Dream 2 = doubt? Dream 3 = fear?

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