Buying Green "rocking" shoes for my niece

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Buying Green "rocking" shoes for my niece

Post by Macleod on Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:38 am

Hi all, I have a few dreams I'm not understanding and wondered if anyone has any thoughts. Will post them separately and I truly thank you!! God Bless!

My husband and I have just paid 174 to enter a shop in search for shoes for my niece, Chantal. The shop is a flat, each room has a particular kind of shoe i.e The kids bedroom has shoes for children, so I suggest we go to the adult bedroom. While in the hallway I notice I have no shoes on then I see there's a little bit of dog poop on the carpet, I think to warn the others. Now in the bedroom, my nieces's sister shows her black teddy bears that could make cute shoes, I say no and see two pairs of shoes on the shelf. I get a chair and climb up to look. It's first as though I'm seeing a blue/green pair of shoes and then I see one pair of green shoes and on the shelf below it, one pair of blue shoes.
I show my niece, she really likes the green ones but I notice they're not flat and don't have heels, the sole underneath is bowed so they rock, but she still liked them. The blue pair were pretty too but they were a size 6 and were too small, the green shoes were a size 7 and were a perfect fit, so my husband paid 24 to buy them.
I was looking at the meaning of the name Chantal :- Rocky land, rock and was also the name of a woman who founded a nunnery.

The shoes rocked, the name could mean Rocky land or Rock and my own name (Rochelle) means Rock.

I was wondering (I'm RUBBISH at interpreting my own dreams and always look at the worst possible meaning) but is my walk a bit rocky/unstable?

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