The End of The Workday

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The End of The Workday

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:08 am

Hello, everyone -

In this dream, I was at my current place of work and my shift was nearly over. I was making my way throughout the plant, checking to make sure that everyone's tasks were being wrapped up. This is just like real life - I always make sure that everything is taken care of before the next shift starts, leaving no loose ends for them to take care of. As I was doing this, I was interacting with people I didn't really know OR people from former jobs - neither of them were people who worked there. In the dream, I was aware that I didn't know these people, and they seemed like they were new to the job. I made some small talk with a few of them as a way to make them feel welcome or so that I seemed approachable.

While I was doing this, I was aware of another employee's presence in the building. This person was a woman that I worked with back in my retail days years ago. In real life, this woman is something like a 2nd cousin to my mother, and she had a son that was my age. Her son passed away last year. In the dream, I was aware that I had not seen her since her son's passing, and I did not want to interact with her because I knew that the topic would come up and would likely upset her. Well, I saw her walk by toward the garbage chute, carrying some trash from her workstation to throw away. I don't remember if I ended up speaking to her, but I do remember thinking that she looked very well - better than she would in real life. She looked a little younger and her hair was done in a way that looked good for her - there was no grey, and it also appeared that there was more effort put into it than she usually did in real life.

I moved on towards another area. I knew that there would be a large pile of empty boxes stacked on a pallet and that these needed to be disposed of. The need to get this task done really concerned me in the dream. Thankfully, I arrived at the work area and found that someone knew had taken care of it. He was just returning from outside, having crushed the boxes in the compactor. I thanked him for doing so, and when I looked at him I remember thinking about how I knew him from somewhere. I remembered that he had wanted to work here, but never got a job. I said something to him that confirmed to me that he was new.

Finally, the next shift was gathering at the designated meeting place within the plant. Everyone from my shift was finishing up the last of their work. I stood there next to my cousin, who is my real-life boss (actually, he's my supervisor's boss). He wasn't looking at me, but I kept looking at him for some reason. End of dream.

I have some thoughts on this dream. I'm primarily writing it down here so that I have it to reference in real life. Still, I'd love to hear what anyone else has to say.


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Re: The End of The Workday

Post by GreatFulServant on Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:13 pm

I wonder with your mother's second cousin carrying the trash to the dump is the Lord showing you that she has dealt or is dealing with all the issues (garbage) of her son's death. That may be why she is looking so good compared to when you seen her last. The empty boxes on the pallet being dealt with, without you could be an indicator again that the mother has gotten help from a source (God, people, even time, etc.) and you were not aware of it. With all the people in the dream being people you did not know or who did not really work there, again is the Lord indicating that the dream is not about work but about your mother's second cousin. Having an eye on your cousin who is your supervisor's boss (i.e. authority figure, possibly God) is showing you your heart. Meaning even though a lot of these tasks were taken care of without you being involved. It is not a result of you letting down, but you are always looking to God for direction and His approval in all that you do.

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