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witness to miracle

Post by halfstep1969 on Thu Dec 11, 2008 5:58 pm

Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I have posted anything. This dream has just stayed with me.

I knew that something big was going to happen, but I didn't know what. This young woman knew what was going on but she wouldn't say what it was. I knew that she had spent the night at this guy's house, and I went and searched in his room under the bed. She had slept in there by herself and it wasn't anything untoward. Under the bed there are a lot of papers and plastic name tags like lanyards, but I couldn't make anything out. Then she returned and I heard someone ask her "Who's gonna pull you guys out?
Next thing I know, I am walking down a grey stone church hallway almost castle-like, along with a lot of other women and they are singing praises to the Lord. Every woman was desiring to be able to get pregnant. These were women who physically, for whatever reason weren't able. Then all of a sudden we are at the River Jordan, and I know exactly what is going to happen next. I think that I am supposed to talk, but the words don't come out. Then a woman comes forward and I ask "Who is she?" I heard a voice say "Joann McFatter. She is Jehovahs witness, She is my instrument". She spoke these words:"The Spirit of the living God will be inside a woman and she will throw a stone-Christ being the Cornerstone-into the Jordan and you will cross over into your miracle." I think then, am I supposed to do it? Another woman comes forward and it is Florence Henderson, and I understand then, that is because she is past the age of child-bearing. She takes a large white stone and casts it into the Jordan and the waters part and all of the women cross over on dry ground. No one looks back. They get their miracle. I can't remember if I was walking across or not. It feels like I was supposed to witness them get their miracle.

Then it is like a press conference with Joann, myself and Florence at a large rectagular table. I hear the question asked: Can a woman intefere by moving too quickly when she's not supposed to? A voice said "Yes"

Then I asked: "Why did I know what she was going to say but I couldn't say anything? Then a voice said " Your her disciple." and I said "But I 've never met her before" and the voice said "It doesn't matter that you've never met her before. You're her disciple"

I think I have pretty good idea, but I'm looking for confirmation

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