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Rebecca, bachelorette party Empty Rebecca, bachelorette party

Post by meg2011 on Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:51 am

I had these 2 dreams last night.

1st one-

I was out in the front yard with Rebecca. (IRL- she is our pastors daughter who is getting married this summer. She doesn't have any kids) She had her daughter with her. She was about 5 or 6 years old. She had on blue PJ's. I was holding her. I looked into the living room window and there was a christmas tree being put up in the middle of the room. She (this little girl) was hanging upside down. (My neice likes to do this too) She was then sitting on the ground. I must've stepped on her foot. I told her "here let's rub it". She then said use water. I said OK and I took her over to the garden hose. At first we couldn't find the end and then we see it. I said I must've left it over there the other day.

2nd one-

I was in a grocery store. I thought is was weird that the bakery wasn't open yet. I then see Shawna there getting ready to open it. Josh was there too. I was then making a salad. I have a package of Hamburger. I put some on the salad then decide I need to cook it first. I put a portion of the hamburger back in the package so some else can have some. The hamburger is now in water with a few ice cubes in it. I knew it should stay cold enough for the next person since it was in ice water. I then grab a pan to cook the hamburger but the handle won't stay on. I tried to fix the handle by screwing it back on, but it wouldn't stay. I then took it to Dad so he could fix it. He told me here let go for a minute while I try this. He had one of those grabber things he was using. The handle fell down to the bottom. He was then trying to get it with the grabber.

Scene changed- I was now outside on steps. There was a boy there. He had some balloons he was playing with. He had 5 balloons. Red I think it was. He let them go. I was able to grab one and then I watched the others fly away. I didn't want him to have this balloon so he could let it go too. Then a girl said he's going to get the bird. He reached under the steps and a bird came out. I go and bend down on the ground and use my finger so the bird can climb onto it. I didn't want it to fly away too. It was a yellow with little bit of brown on it cockatiel. I put in on my shoulder. There were other birds there that didn't like that.

Scene changed again-- I'm viewing this time. There were a group of ladies already sitting down at a restaruant. There was a seat saved at the head of the table. Another lady came and asked can I sit down. They said It's your party. It was her bachelorette party. A couple of the ladies had on visa pins. (Like you would get during a promotional the company was doing) Everyone said Happy Thursday Thanksgiving and gave a toast. She said you are all the best co-workers.

In past dreams when a cockatiel was used it was always the one I use to have. Mine use to sit on my shoulder for hours at a time and just watch me. A Lutino (yellow) Female. This one in this dream was more of a pied cockatiel with more yellow than brown.

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