Delivering a prophetic word out of the blue.

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Delivering a prophetic word out of the blue.

Post by steadygaze on Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:29 am

Hi Beloved friends.


I was at this party with some friends. It was at a very nice place which was at a friends I do not know in real life.We were goofing off , and talking at one of the dinner tables like little kids that were having fun. As we stood up to go somewhere else or walk around for awhile. I saw a friend from back home in real life, and she had walked in near the table, and all of a sudden I heard the Lord speak to me saying, " I know her plans are to leave, but tell her I said, no! So I stood up and told her exactly what the Lord told me. She looked at me with a worried look on her face and then I blurted out, Pray into that word and make sure it is from the Lord. She knew what I was talking about. I knew the word was the Lord speaking to her. So then my friends and I go outside on the patio and I see the same friend talking to someone and the Lord gives me another word for her out of the blue, He said, "She always says this statement, "I can't ever get passed this". So I said to my friend. "you always say you can't ever get passed this. This statement has been a yoke around your neck. This day the Lord is going to break off this yoke and you will no longer say these words. You will say, " I have been freed and you shall say I have been delivered by the hand of God. My fried wept and I could feel in the spirit the yoke had broken in that instant moment. Then after I delivered it I walked off and then my friends were laughing and singing again and we all had our dogs with us. One friend grabbed me and said, " lets sing this certain song and we were going to do a dance formation down the walk way. I knew my dog had to potty then all of a sudden my dog peed right in the area where they had fake moss grass over the walkway which was a fake outside area. I had apologized and the lady was nice and she began to clean up the dog pee. I said, I can do it she said no do not worry about it I got it. She was very nice and it was as if I knew her she wore a white robe like dress and smiled at me as she finished cleaning it up. She had told me to tell the others to take the dogs to the outside area to do their business. I said sure okay.
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