Another Dream with a Yellow House

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Another Dream with a Yellow House

Post by Daughter of The King87 on Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:08 pm

Last night I dreamt that I was in a resturant with my husband. He was keeping from me that he had done back to his career in the media. In the dream he started performing on TV and Radio. As I watched him I was very angry. I didn't feel like crying but I made myself cry. I began to walk out of the resturant and my husband grabbed my arm very hard as it to not let me go. I looked at his hand and looked at him and with my face I was telling him to let me go. Next thing I knew we were watching a TV commercial he had just finsihed taping. He said he had more work to do and that we could stay at a house he rented for the next few days. He took me and the kids to this house and VERY thing was yellow. The outside of the house was yellow. The doors were yelllow and the beds were even yellow. What stood out to me was the doors were all swinging doors and the beds were hard. Some of the rooms were unkept and the beds were
not made. My husband had invited the media crew to stay at the house with us. I us angry that he allowed those people in our house. The dream ended with my husband trying to make up with be by touching my arm with his fingers.

Yellow is my one of my childrens favorite color. In the dream I thought wow (child's name) is going to love this houses. I thought it was dirty and unclean. But I was going to tolerate the house because my children were excited about being there. The Yellow was what was so odd about the dream.
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Re: Another Dream with a Yellow House

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:06 pm

I was going to wait to answer, but I decided to go ahead and put my thoughts out there!lol...
When I read your dream, the very thing that came to my mind was "nothing is as it seems". To me, yellow is a very vibrant color but the vibrancy didn't go well with what was showcased: swinging doors and hard beds (which to me would seem uncomfortable) Since your husband brought you and the family to the house, do you think that your husband is uncomfortable about some things right now and vice verca concerning you two but he wants to show to the outside world that everything is "bright and sunny" when its not? The house is somewhat "out of order" in disarray, so I wonder if there needs to be some sort of internal "spring cleaning"?

I also am reminded of a story called the "yellow wallpaper". In summary, the story is about a woman who was reserved and had some self-esteem issues (possibly emotional ones) but her husband (who was a doctor) insisted upon committing her to a "sanitarium" (ie: house for the insane) This woman was locked in a room 365 days a year, week after week, in solitary confinement. She was chained to a bed (I know awful) and all that she did to entertain herself was to stare at some "yellow wallpaper" and imagine different scenarios. Eventually the yellow wallpaper came alive for her and if she wasn't crazy before, by the end of her stay she became crazy!!! I say this to say: Are you allowing some things with your husband to be 'blown out of proportion'? Are you allowing what he says or does to "drive you crazy" in a way? We can't necessarily control other people's actions and what they say/do to us, but we CAN control our own actions and mindsets to not "react" to others but to respond to them in a holy/beneficial way.

You said that the house was "dirty and unclean" and to me that sounds like you're "questioning" something. You were going to "tolerate" the unsatisfactoriness (new word-lol) even though you were against it? I think about the parable of when Jesus spoke about the Pharisees questioning God for mingling with sinners and healing on the Sabbath. The Pharisees would ceremonially "wash" everything as ritual, essentially showing that they knew all the "right things to do" inorder to be saved, but Jesus said their hearts were "unclean" and "wicked". Jesus went on to say (paraphrase): how can you wash a cup on the outside but leave the inside of the cup dirty? That means the cup isn't really clean. Salvation is not what you do on the outside (the works: like paying tithes, going to church every Sunday, reading the bible, saying all the right things so someone can THINK you're saved), but its about your heart and only God knows the heart. Jesus said only those that are "pure in heart" (right motives, dedicated to him (reverance),etc) will go to heaven. It's what's going on in the inside that comes out that makes one saved, not vice verca. Jesus called the pharisees Hypocrites for their actions! With all of this said, I wonder if you're questioning someone's motives (maybe your husband) and his/her's salvation (fruits)? One of Mia's favorite things to say is: "you shall know them by their fruits". A bad tree can't bear good fruit and vice verca. Salvation is in the fruits (ie: walking uprightly before God, uncorrupt conversation, fruits of the spirit,etc) and if those supposedly "Godly" fruits go against someone's lifestyle, I would question that person's authenticity too!!lol..Salvation is definitely a lifestyle! ...okay, I am through preachin, but I hope some things resonate with you. Please pray on what I've said
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