airport and my guy friend

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airport and my guy friend

Post by musicalstars2001 on Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:49 am

There was a clip of a dream before the airport dream:

We were watching something. I was sitting down with others and we were in a line. I was squeezed between this guy "T" (in IRL, is a close friend, known him for years) and a friend "G" (who IRL, is a friend from college). Now, at some point after I sit down, he puts his right arm around my shoulder. That's it. (I might add IRL, this friend and the guy friend have dated in the past) I'm not sure if I felt awkard or not....

Airport dream:

We were waiting to get our luggage. There were a bunch of people from who I knew in college. It was sooo odd. The same guy and girl from the above dream were there also. At one point I went over to the guy and kinda play punched him and then gave him a hug. Then he lifted me up in a hug, he seemed grateful.

As the luggage finally came, "T" was standing to my right. I'm telling him what my suitcase looks like. I finally see it and then the luggage machine stops. then it shifts quickly. (during this shift, the luggage isn't there anymore.) we're standing in group and we're singing (still in the airport), and my friend "L" from college is on my left and has her right arm around me. (IRL, we are more acquaintances now.) I'm thinking in the dream that that was weird. As we're singing, I and a girl singing next to me are singing the loudest. My friend "L" nudges me to quiet down. I'm thinking, I'm not the only one singing loud.

After this part, I'm with my guy friend "T" and we're outside the airport (right outside it) As we're hanging out, he's in front of me and I notice he has both of his ears pierced. (IRL, he doesn't have any piercings) The earing on the left ear is placed higher on the lobe than the right ear. Then I mention to him, I say something like: wow you got you're ears pierced. But I don't know what he responds. After that we head back inside the airport. But he has a security card that was needed to get back in. We went through 2 doors. EOD

Lots of detail in this one. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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