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Post by The Lamb's on Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:28 am

I dreamt i was in a taxi (Toyota quantum) with my daughter and friend(female-also colleque) we were from our home town Mokopane(IRL NAME MEANS MEETING PLACE) and we were heading northward to our province's capital city-Polokwane (IRL NAME MEANS A PLACE OF PROTECTION). I was not familiar with the taxi driver but i was quite at ease as if the driver was sombody i knew. from were i was seating in the taxi i could see the driver was a dark musculine guy. it was just the 4 of us in the taxi. i happened to buy a cake-chocolate cake-i dnt know where i bought it for we never stopped anywhere-i had a feeling i bought it at a road intersection. i gave the cake to my daughter and i only tasted the cream on the cake it was very sweet-my daughter happened to eat the whole cake.when i notices that she had eaten the whole of it, i felt bad that i gave the whole of it to her whilst we were supposed to share it-but also asked myslf how did it happen that she eat the whole cake to herself-how did i let if happen-i asked myself but without an answer.

The next thing we are in Polokwane going down Divinish street i am with my friend only and we come acrss two ladies going up Divinish Street.They were wearing some uniquely desinged shirts-i thought of angles the way the shirts were designed. i cant even to explain how they were made. and so i aked my friend if she knew where this shirts are from and she said no. i told her they are sold at PEP STORE. The shirts were sky blue and yellow-IRL the colors are PEP STORE'S trading colors. These ladies were entring peolple they come across the street into a competion.

The competion was like...they give you a pen and ypu tell them what number that pen is. The pen they gave me was transparent and had a number 32 and so i told them the pen is number 32-the told me i have won. i then went to a counter to get my prize-there was a big screen in front of me behind the counter-more like a billboard. there was a picture of a phone depicted there-a simple nokia phone-those without a camera and other fancy functionalities-someone said that it is my prize-when i got the phone however i was like a black berry -i was a button there- a FACEBOOK BUTTON-irl i dnt do face book and dont like it. The phone had a very fragile cover but i could tell the inside of it was the best- they even gave me money- two 10 rand notes on top of the phone and i was suprized that i even got money on top.

Then i woke up- exited!
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