Boss and glass lens pops out

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Boss and glass lens pops out

Post by rosebush on Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:20 pm

Background info -- I just got out of a 2-hour meeting for my school bus driving job. I was honored with a place in a roundtable meeting to discuss how we can reduce the number of incidents of misbehavior.

In my dream I was walking through a building, and fiddling around with glasses where the screw came loose and lens popped out. My boss comes up behind me and tells me -- see I told you that you needed to get your glasses fixed. I told him I was aware of it and working on it. I took the glasses off to another room or building. I seemed to lose the parts but amazingly I found them again on a dirty/messy floor, even the small screw and then finally saw the lens was very dirty/smudged. When I tried to fit the lens in the frame, which happened to be a rectangular shape, I realize the lens went to an entirely different pair of glasses, like nothing I have ever seen before. Part of the lens looked like the old cat glass lens they wore in the 1950s, the other end of the lens was big and square or rectangular -- really nothing spectacle shaped at all. I don't recall ever assembling these glasses back together.

I am in a smaller house somewhere and I realize my aunt Pat is finally ready to give me her old pajamas. They are red and plaid, very faded. All the good wear has been used from them. She had held these pajamas back another time I saw her because she had not gotten all the wear she wanted from them. This time in the dream she decides she is ready to let them go. I have them on in the dream. I am in a bedroom/hallway of what seems to be a small cottage. Then I feel sick to my stomach and head towards the open door to the outside and throw up.

Wondering just why my aunt would be giving me her hand-me-down pajamas. With the plaid I wonder if the dream isn't something about differing views/conflict. God has been calling me, amazingly, into helping with various leaderships. My own confidence to be effective at anything has really undergone a shaking in the past few years. I wonder if dream doesn't have something to do with this. Cause the meeting we had didn't go poorly. Some unexpected things came up -- I always seem to come under a lot of unexpected and unexplained fire, which did happen -- but I just sailed right on past it. My aunt is a very strong and capable woman. I did not struggle in the meeting whatsoever to state my point.

Thanks for any help!

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