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Repost: Dancing with the geek

Post by steadygaze on Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:01 pm

Hello Beloved ones.

I had this interesting dream where it was like I was back in High School and my best friend was like a geeky guy who no one liked, and I was not very well liked either. I do not know the guy in real life however it sounds like a kid movie. HA HA! Anyway we were at a High School dance or something and no one seemed to want to dance everyone was standing around as if not sure what to do. I was thinking well no guy would want to dance with me. The funny thing is in real life I do not feel that way about myself. Anyway I did not think my geeky guy friend could dance because he walked dorky and he seemed just like a real dork. Anyway all of a sudden my geeky guy friend goes to the DJ guy and tells him to put on a certain song because he wanted to get the party started. Everyone at the dance stood there watching him and they laughed at him. When my geeky friend turned around he was looking for someone to dance with and I either dropped something or did some by accident but it caught his attention and he waved for me to come dance with him. So I walked over and began to dance with him and he danced so good I was amazed he knew how to dance like a professional, and I was like what! Were you hiding this from us or what! I was shocked and so was everyone else. what He was beyond an amazing dancer. Then everyone began to dance.
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