weather change, traveling.... help needed!

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weather change, traveling.... help needed!

Post by musicalstars2001 on Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:59 pm

This dream is a tad strange to me but I remember everything!
This was in 2 parts.

1st part:

I was at a friend's wedding. This was a person whom I knew my 1st year of college (so it has been quite awhile.) I even remember thinking, in the dream, why was I here...
I remember after the ceremony, we were in the reception room. It was just her, a couple of other people, and I. I saw to my right, a larger than normal sized key lime pie. (I just knew in the dream, that's what it was.)

Then I remember looking out the window and seeing snow. I thought, that's so odd, it can't be snowing now. (it was during the summer season). I remember being frantic and telling them that I had to leave before the snow got worse.

The dream shifts to the 2nd part:

I am now at a jeep looking car. It's kind of old looking. I remember having to close the trunk and thinking, how could it have been open? I remember also, only having seen a few things in the trunk, which I thought was odd. (in the dream I know I'm traveling somewhere, so I'm thinking that I should have brought more stuff than that.)

As I take off driving, I pull off to the side cause I have to find the phone number of the apartment complex in GA. (in real life, I previously lived in GA for 5 months or so.) I also remember not knowing how to get there from where I was......

That's pretty much it. I hope it makes sense to someone and that someone will be able to give me some kind of suggestions to go off of.

The one thing that freaked me out a little, was the part where it was snowing during the warm season we were in the middle of.
I felt cold this morning when I woke up, checked the weather channel and we were below 70 degrees, which is odd for this time of the season.

Also, the last part with the traveling.... I'm wondering if it has to do with a job change I've been praying about...that would take me to another city (not GA). or if it has to do with a relationship change with a friend that could end up being a dating relationship?

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