some spiritual writing

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some spiritual writing

Post by maideninmeadow on Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:57 am

The Song of Solomon 8:6; reads: my allegory of the child-bride and the Church. My pony and flowers sewn into a Christian paradigm....other writers have approached the spiritual marriage figuratively, and in the Gothic novel a monastic setting and in a lurid manner.

In it love poetry in the Spirit. The child-bride with pony and the Church. Alluding to spiritual love and a 'false paradise'- The Church in a spiritual garden setting as a paradigm in pony flowers.

Her love letters are poetry and fidelity to the Spirit, and with a book of homilies in her hand, he meets her with a love letter in a dream, he slips a notelet and key in the seam of her petticoat. His mistress in a lacey frock swinging in a garden seat. By Julie Ralphs

He sees her in spirit through a wrought iron gate in reverie at the parsonage garden. We meet in secret and walk through to the grove or dark coridoor with me as your governess and mistress, a book in her hand and a pony read of Fanny Hill. By Julie

Song of Songs 6:2 my lover has gone down to his garden ...... and to browse in the gardens and to gather lillies. I am my lover's and my lover is mine; he browses among the lillies.

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