Meeting Someone at a Convention Center

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Meeting Someone at a Convention Center

Post by rosebush on Fri Apr 06, 2012 3:32 pm


I dreamed I was standing at a doorway of what I believed was a convention hall. I first see a young man's face. I draw closer. I see my aunt and uncle (Nancy and Wally) standing behind him. They are Christians and mentor people. I knew they had mentored him. Then it's as though he is their son also. I knew I saw a family resemblance in his face. I see he is in conversation with my three daughters (not in real life). He extends his hand to me and says "if these are your three daughters, you must be a wonderful woman" (blah, blah, blah). I grasp his hand and kiss it and say "I knew I saw a family resemblance in your face." Then an older male friend of mine who is my handyman slides his chair into the doorway and the young man shakes his hand and says this man also mentored him. I start to break out in a horrible sweat and close my eyes. I can't seem to open them. I start taking off my hat and loosening my clothes. I feel someone is trying to help me undo my sleeve button.

Then everyone is gone. I realize someone has thrown up at the doorway. I'm part of the clean-up committee. It seems to be a convention center and I'm responsible to help clean up this room. No one can tell me who threw up, but it seems to be a passerby. I proceed to start cleaning a cushion at the floor of the doorway. Everything in the room needs to be wiped down. There are others present in the room.

Then I find myself sorting through a large amount of small items at a big table, putting them back in their containers. I spot my friend's husband who tells me he's ordered something for his wife, but I believe he is about to leave her in spite of what he has just said. (IRL this husband and wife are disabled. I was a very close to his wife but this man had a dislike for me. The man was a foreigner and not a believer. His name is translated purity; gift from God, but keep in mind it is of a foreign origin. This man hasn't left his wife, despite what I felt in the dream and my concern in real life.)

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