Marriage dream

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Marriage dream

Post by Destine on Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:25 pm

I had a dream last Monday night that I was getting married in my former church, My now senior and former pastor were at the altar; The groom was my former Senior pastor's oldest son, my friend was my maid of honor, she was crying. The dream fast forward to Paula white interviewing me on TBN, she was asking me about my marriage, I told her it was great. The dream turned to me being at a derive hosted by Pastor Rival Tims and Paula white prayed over me, and she prayed over my former pastor's wife. I went to something involving Pastor Riva, two days later my friend said she believed he and air are both in love. it's not the first time I had dreams like this, God has alsl been waking me up to pray for him at 5AM for the past month
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